Are you one of them?

…one of these awesome people who are bubbling over with mind-blowing ideas for wonderful products or super helpful services?

Is that you?

That’s really cool!

But then, when it comes to market your ideas, you don’t know how? You feel like me, when I was twelve and I had to sing in front of my class – shaky, awkward, just wanting a sign around your neck saying “out of order”?

No wonder! Getting people to like and buy your stuff is so complicated, isn’t it?!

Just look at all the things you need to master, or at least to know!

  • Big data
  • Landing page optimization
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Native Advertising
  • Web design
  • Analytics
  • Design thinking
  • SEO
  • Social selling
  • Community building
  • Evangelism
  • Account based marketing
  • Content marketing
  • AB testing

Uff, that’s a lot! Just impossible to do.

The best thing you can do is play it safe: Copy and paste something from the competition and voila! Done! What works for others, works for me… right?

Wrong! Totally wrong! Like Sushi with chocolate cream. Urghs! Just wrong!

Your cool ideas deserve so much better!

So, let me tell you a secret:

Marketing is actually not difficult. It’s pretty much common sense. And it can be so much fun, too!

You don’t believe me?

Challenge accepted!

It’s my mission to help everybody who has an awesome idea to take the next steps: To get heard. To be found. To connect.

In short: to successfully market your ideas.

And – most importantly –  to have fun on the way. Yihaaaa!

This website is the very heart and soul of this mission: I want to grow it into the go-to-resource for people who are fed up with “You have to do exactly that or we all gonna die!!!!!” – one-fits-all approaches as well as mind-melting marketing goobledygook.

So if you wanna learn how to create marketing that fits you and your business like a second skin, and how to exchange common business boringness with a seek a fresh, interesting, unique, different, exciting and creative way to do marketing and business, feel free to stick around to your heart’s content!

What can you expect to find here?

  1. Everything you need to get started with marketing your idea:
    • Tips about how to create your own marketing-dream, without feeling lost or awkward
    • Marketing concepts, strategies and tactics explained in plain (and hopefully entertaining) English
    • How-to-guides and step-by-step walkthroughs for all the technical nittygritty that you really don’t need to be afraid of (technology is your friend – if it doesn’t want to eat your brain…)
  2. Answers to all the questions you might have, even the ones you don’t dare to ask anymore (“What’s marketing again? Is it tasty?”) – free of gobbledygook, guaranteed!
  3. Inspiration! Lot’s of inspiration that will help you confidently market your idea and business in your own unique and exciting way.
  4. Random stuff. (I leave this one up to your imagination)

What can you expect to not find here?

  1. THE TRUTH, means one-fits-all approaches. I might recommend certain marketing approaches, but you will never hear me say things like “you have to apply this strategy” or “without this tactic you’re lost”.
  2. Boring stuff and stock pictures (maybe some… but only the really awkward ones!)

Sounds great?

Then, let’s jump right into it!

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You’re still here…?

Wanna know why I am so obsessed about creating awesome content and teaching marketing?

Say yes! Say yes!

…You’re reading my about page and made it all the way down here… that must mean that you DO wanna know! Faeustchenfreu! (Translation: fist-joy. State of excitement, which forces you to put both fists near your chin and giggle in a stupid manner)

Okay, here’s why.

I believe that marketing has the power to make business colorful, exciting and fun.

Let’s start at the beginning.

That’s me, Lisa Bäer:

Lisa Baer before brick wall

I was born in a cold, stormy night in a small German town called…

What? Not interested in awkward baby-Bäer anecdotes? Got it.

I’ll try to keep it short.

All my life, I’ve loved being creative and engaging in many different fields. In school I was into literature, writing, scientific research, fashion design, carpentry and sketching. In university I studied corporate communications and Japan Studies, which eventually brought me to Japan where I started to dive deep into Japan’s traditional theatre and dance culture. I was surrounded by so many different colors, sounds and tastes – so much to learn, discover and enjoy!

But then I entered the corporate world, i.e. cubicle hell.

Actually, I’ve never worked in a cubicle, since we don’t even have that much space in Japan. But the concept was the same: With my first job my world that had been full of opportunities and wonders shrunk to one square meter of wasteland.

The first years of my career as a marketer in wasteland I spent wondering.

Wondering if I was insane, or if everyone else was.

Things were obviously terribly wrong:

  • We tried to “attract” (means: hunt down) “prospects” (means: totally random people) with collaterals so full of awkward industry gobbledygook even our sales people did not understand a word.
  • We treated our customers with unbelievably horrible service. But hey, they didn’t have a choice. Our competitors were pretty much like Hannibal Lecter and Freddy Krueger.
  • And the staff? Well, everybody with a healthy survival instinct left as soon as possible. The rest slowly assimilated with the furniture and were never seen again.

I could go on, but I don’t want you to have nightmares tonight.

So, things were obviously wrong. Our business results showed it. Our customer retention rate, our staff turnover and the staff’s daily lunch conversations showed it as well.

I started to do some research. The internet became my best friend, a window into a brighter (or at least more diversified) world. What I discovered was so different from the grey and boring corporate culture that had puzzled me for so long:

I found companies and people who created beautiful websites, interesting blogs, hilarious podcasts, amazing graphics and entertaining videos. And all that as part of their business!

I learned that this strategy of building valuable relationships with future customers through interesting and helpful content was a big thing overseas and that it was called content marketing.

I was thrilled, exited and hopeful. It seemed so natural to me. It was the common sense I’ve always missed in the Dilbert-esque weirdness of my reality.

I was convinced that if we would start putting out inspiring, helpful and unique content, prospects would beat a path to our door, customers would love us and our staff would finally get to understand their own company.

So I carefully tried to explain my thoughts and ideas to my management. I could have also tried to explain the Socratic method to a shellfish. What I got were pitiful looks and (for me) soul-crushing answers:

  • “We’ve always done it like that.”
  • “That would be too much work. Imagine prospects starting to call us….”
  • “Our competitors are not doing that.”
  • “That doesn’t work for us. Our industry is different.”

At the beginning I thought they were right. They had 40 years of experience. I had only four.

But after learning even more, studying the success of other companies and trying the tactics and strategies by myself, I understood:

They were insane, not me.

Because it worked. It just worked.

And it was so much more fun! Not only for me, but also for the customers and colleagues who were involved.

That’s why I decided to share my experiences and to spread the wonderful message:

Industry gobbledygook, terrible customer service, corporate self-centrism, uniformity, and what I like to call systemic boringness – these are all a thing of the past. They’re dead. Dead as a doornail!

Thanks to modern technologies, we as customers, companies, entrepreneurs, and employees, don’t need to tolerate or execute it anymore.

Marketing, business, sales – What essentially used to be boringness masquerading as professionalism, has transformed into an creative adventure, an exciting journey and a fascinating way of expressing ourselves and telling our own story.

dull, fitting the mold, conservative = professional
fun, colorful, exciting = unprofessional

These old equations are broken!

My little project, this website, aims to show exactly that. And to encourage everybody with an idea who is tired of the “we’ve always done it this way”-madness to amaze the world with something different. Exciting. New.

Of course, this website is also about me. Yes, MEEEEE! It is my preciousssss playground where I put out all the content that I’ve always wanted to create.

It’s gonna be fun! So stay with me!

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