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Hi, I am Lisa Bäer. I am a marketing and design professional and I love helping small business owners and startups grow their businesses through loveable marketing and design.


I think, small business and startups are awesome. They’re hard work, for sure. But they’re also a vibrant pool of great ideas, inspired people and tons of valuable products and services.

I must know! I have worked with many small business owners and startups who spend every single moment and every single thought on making their dreams come true. And, I am kind of a small business owner myself trying hard to get people interested in nihonbuyo (traditional Japanese dance) and my little dancing school.

But, I also know that when it comes to marketing their business and getting themselves in front of their customers, most small business owners struggle.

  • Where do I start?
  • Do I actually need a website? I am not good with technical stuff and don’t want to waste my time on it.
  • What’s all the hype about social media?
    I am on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat but it doesn’t do anything for my business. What am I doing wrong?
  • Are flyers and newspaper ads still a thing or do I need to change my strategy?

Does this sound familiar?

I know that you’re busy with taking care of your customers, your finances, your products or services and everything else that keeps your business running. And, that you have no time for daydreaming about colors or fiddling with technical issues.

But here’s the thing, no matter how busy you are marketing your business is not just a nice to have. It’s crucial to get new customers in the door and keep current customers happy.

That’s why I am here to help!

I will help you get exactly what you need to get started with promoting your business, and nothing more.

  • No bloated website that you can’t update yourself.
  • No over-the-top marketing strategy that doesn’t match your goals and just eats into your budget.
  • No gobbledygook filled advice that’s frustrating like a Chinese finger trap.

Just simple solutions in your size!

  • Easy to maintain websites for all company sizes to help you get found online
  • Flexible branding solutions to present your business in the best light possible
  • Marketing consulting and workshops to teach you how to get in front of your ideal customers

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Lisa Bäer

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Website Creation | Marketing Consulting | Branding | Content Writing (ENG, JPN) | Illustration | Design (web, print)

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Tokyo, Japan

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