Websites & Marketing, just your size!

Empowering small businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow their business online and beyond

Websites & Marketing, just your size!

Empowering small businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow their business online and beyond

Let me ask you a quick question…


How do you find products and businesses?

Mainly online, right?! (Proof: You came to this website ^^)

And it’s not just you. Your customers do, too!

To reach them being present online is crucial.

  • But isn’t building a website expensive?
  • What about follow up costs when I need to make changes or content updates?
  • I am starting out and do not even have a brand, not to mention a website…
  • What do I do with a website? I don’t know how to use it to get customers…

You’re completely right. You don’t need a huge website that costs a fortune and that comes with a whole IT and marketing department attached just to maintain it.

What you need is a website that comes in the right size, that you can make updates to all by yourself if necessary and that presents you and your business in the best way possible.

Lisa Baer helps you achieve exactly that, quickly and hassle-free. While having a fun along the way!

Online and offline marketing solutions for small businesses (and budgets)

Website Creation

Get a website tailored to your needs and learn how to keep it up-to-date.


Decide how your dream website should look like or leave the design to us. Your wish is my command!


Create your own content or get help from me and my team of writers. We can provide you with website copy in English and Japanese.


I build your website on WordPress including server set up, domain purchase, security and everything else you need to get up and running online.


Once your website is launched you receive training on how to maintain and update the site.

Branding Basics & Workshops

You have an idea how your brand should look like but you need help get the basics (logo, color scheme, attributes etc) right? Lisa Baer offers simple branding packages to get started or full-blown branding workshops for bigger branding projects.

Marketing Consulting

Not sure how to promote your business online or offline? Get advice on how to get started or improve your marketing results to grow your business more effectively and efficiently. You can book a one-time session and if you like what you get we’re happy to check in with you regularly.

Services & Pricing

happy customers

From 0 to 100 with all-round services

Lisa is running all of our marketing operations, online and offline. Thanks to her our number of inquiries for trial lessons jumped from 0 to 10 per months which is a number pretty much unheard of for a nihonbuyo school.

She built a fantastic brand for us that differentiates us significantly from our competitors and is well aligned with our vision to modernize nihonbuyo which is perceived as a rather stuffy and rigid space.

Based on the new brand she created a highly effective website as well as print materials for offline campaigns. She also runs ad campaigns on Google and FB for us, represents us on social media and creates various content, including long form blog posts and videos. Last but not least, she advised us on pricing and trial campaigns which helped us improve our service offering a lot.

To summarize, she’s an extremely knowledgeable and engaged marketing and design talent who’s able to revive even an old-fashioned industry like nihonbuyo with incredibly fresh and effective ideas. If you need somebody who can take care of your business, get in touch. You won’t regret it!

Hanabusagoryu Hisateru
Nihonbuyo Teacher, Hanabusagoryu

Awesome process, perfect results

Lisa worked on several projects with me. She helped me with branding, web design and content creation. She even created a super cute mascot for one of my apps.

From brainstorming brand essentials to getting several versions of the actual design I could choose from – working with Lisa has been extremely smooth and pleasant. I was also always very happy with the results and felt my ideas and vision represented perfectly through her work.

I would recommend Lisa anytime if you’re looking for a marketing and design professional who can help you with branding, web design and marketing. And, who’s really fun to work with!

Drew Terry
Developer & Entrepreneur

Excellent One-Stop-Shop

Lisa offers an excellent ‘one-stop-shop’ service with help on design, implementation and advice on SEO issues for our company website.

Apart from being extremely knowledgeable in this area, she is fast, efficient and has a candid approach, which is refreshing. We highly recommend Lisa for any person or company wishing to put together a website for their business.

Ivan Doherty
Owner, New Life Tokyo

A real lifesaver

We had somebody built a website for our business. Unfortunately, when this person left we figured that the site had so many issues that it was unusable. The server wasn’t set up correctly, we couldn’t make it bilingual and there were a lot of major design issues to fix. We were quite desperate since we had an ad coming out soon that would promote the new page.

That’s when Lisa took over. She helped us configure the server correctly and cleaned up everything else. She also explained to us how to update and use the side properly. She got everything done before the ad came out which was a huge relief. She made herself available whenever we needed her and delivered great quality reliably.

If you need a website you can maintain by yourself, don’t ask just anybody. Ask Lisa!

Geisha & Entrepreneur

Let’s talk!

Don’t waste money and time on stuff you don’t need!
Get a website and marketing solutions that fit your business like a second skin.